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Our services

Datatechnic develop solutions to the needs of our clients. We enhance the quality and improve the performance of processes through the design, implementation, and development of integrated solutions.


Design, implementation and development.

We have gained a great experience in process automation of high volume manual assembling. We have specialized in the design, implementation and development of integrated solutions that will increase quality and improve the process performance for our clients.

PLC Programming

Let us develop the "Brain" of your equipment.

Vision systems

Efficiency for your production lines.

Assembly Line Automation

We are distributors of industrial products and we develop processes.

Material handling solutions

Independent system designed to satisfy different kinds of requirements.


We optimize your processes.

Our engineers have the experience and certifications that allow them to understand the specific needs of our customers and to generate practical, innovative and integrative solutions. We offer development and programming of Universal Robots, MiR and Kuka, as well as the best advice on accessories that complete a fully automated robot system.

AGV Robots

Automatic Guided Vehicle.

AGV Robots is an innovative system of Automatic Guided Vehicles capable of driving autonomously along previously defined routes and paths.

They are reliable, fast and flexible technological systems that guarantee reduction of time, costs and margin of error within an automated industrial system, they have become, on their own merits, in the present and future of Industry 4.0.

They guarantee the highest level of efficiency and safety.

Main industries:

  • Pharmacist.
  • Chemical.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Automotive.
  • Paper and printing.
  • Food and drinks.
  • Hospital.
  • Storage.
  • Theme parks.

They’re ideal for:

  • Repetitive movement of materials over a distance.
  • Regular delivery of stable loads.
  • Average yield/volume.
  • When on-time delivery is critical and late deliveries cause inefficiency.
  • Operations with at least two shifts.
  • Processes where material tracking is important.

Collaborating Brands


Collaborative robots.

Cobots are intended to operate in conjunction with and/or in close proximity to humans to perform tasks. They facilitate cooperation thanks to their design elements.

In a shared work process, they support and relieve the human operator and enhance their capabilities with their strength, ability and precision.

They are cost-effective, secure, and easy to implement.

Main industries:

  • Automotive.
  • Metal works.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Sanitary and Pharmaceutical.
  • Food and drinks.
  • Hospital.
  • Electronics.
  • Chemical.

They’re ideal for:

  • Mounting.
  • Dispensing.
  • Refinement.
  • Machine care.
  • Handling and removal of materials.
  • Quality inspection.
  • Welding.

Collaborating Brands


Simplifying Manufacturing

Datatechnic as a system integrator provides the construction service of equipment from conception or as specified by the customer’s blueprints.

We pay close attention to our customers, and we collaborate with them to manufacture the highest-quality inspection and assembly equipment.

Your production and equipment needs will be satisfied in terms of practical application, eciency, quality, and low cost.

You can trust our team to build specialized equipment, from conception through technology development and implementation, or complete project developments.

Our services include:

  • Concept development.
  • Creation of the automation topology, systems integration and / or security systems.
  • Software design and implementation.
  • Prototyping.
  • Generation and evaluation of machinery.
  • Commissioning and optimization.
  • Training of service personnel.