Datatechnic as a system integrator, provides the construction service of equipment as specified by the customer's blueprints.


Signing a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and Quotations

After signing a confidentiality agreement to protect blueprints or any material supplied by our client, we will prepare the project costs. We handle the logistics process and manufacture of the metal components with features specified by the client.

We manage the project’s development

We will have a plan of action where timing, scope, degree and detailed information of the specifications to follow will be present, as well as assigning the people responsible of the project and commitment dates (we will list all elements, features and considerations that the plan of action must have). A schedule of the project should be ready in a period no longer than 5 working days after the meeting with the design team.

We prepare reports with the project status every two weeks, which is sent to the client in writing (email). We will keep you informed at all times.

A list of materials for the project is generated, at the same time we check that the material needed is in our inventory, if a material is not found in our inventory it will be acquired from one of our suppliers.

Delivery / Validation

At Datatechnic we’ll verify that the project achieves the expected performance levels, conducting an internal assessment of service quality at the end of each project in order to know if we have met the requirements established by our customers.

At Datatechnic we want to ensure that our services meet the quality and compliance agreements established, and guarantee delivery on time according to the customer’s requests.