We have gained a great experience in process automation of high volume manual assembling. We have specialized in the design, implementation and development of integrative solutions that will increase quality and improve the process performance.


PLC Programming

Our services include design, programming and PLC testing focusing on optimization.


•Schneider Electric
•Allen Bradley

HMI Programming:

•Siemens WinCC, OP and TP series
•Allen Bradley View
•Schneider Electric
•GE Fanuc

Vision Systems

•Barcode scanning and machine vision technology for automation and industrial control.

Machine vision systems and barcode sale, design and installation, based in high strength hardware and reliable software. These systems can be used for the compilation of data with real time visibility for operations and maintenance of historic records (monitoring and tracking). Machine vision systems allow to automate the inspection and processes control, by reducing costs, increasing productivity, product quality improvement. Furthermore, it meets the industrial regulations requirements.

•Barcode scanning solutions for manufacturing.

Barcode scanning solutions service for the compilation of data in a fast and accurate way in order to maintain efficient lines of production. Sale and design of barcode scanners, and a strong network that allows to acquire scanning data and carry out actions within the operations in a plant.

•Barcode technology application.

This barcode technology facilitates the application of quality control criteria, WIP monitoring, classification and tracking. It can serve as a Poke-Yoke (Mistake-proofing) application.

•Machine vision system.

It allows the capture and analyzing of images in order to automate tasks such as inspection, measurement, and count, as well as barcode reading and optical character recognition.

•Vision solutions for manufacturing.

Smart cameras and computers based in vision systems. These vision systems use high-end hardware and software components to perform visual inspection functions to judge the work quality at high speeds, in a reliable and more accurate way.

•Vision applications.

Ideals for high speed inspection, high performance, high extension, round-the-clock operations and/or measurement repetition.

Assembly line automation

Datatechnic Mexico is the most suitable industrial supplier for the OEMs and TIER1. Through the alliance with Tecnomatic S.p.A. our ability to provide high-level solutions is assured. Therefore, we become the best ally to the automotive industry. We develop automated assembly systems for: Laser engraving systems, turbochargers, vision inspection systems, harnesses for the automotive industry, heat exchangers, automated wielding applications, charge-discharge (robot) and machinery safety integration. We offer the latest reliable technology for assembling necessities in the automotive industry.

We are distributers of industrial products and in the development of processes. Automation of assembly systems for:

• Laser engraving systems
• Turbochargers
• Vision Inspection Systems
• Automotive wiring harness
• Heat exchangers
• Welding applications
• Pick and place applications
• Security integration on aerospace industry machines